Show your Union Pride, wear your shirt with pride!

Show your Union Pride, wear your shirt with pride!

Show your Union pride!  Show them that after seeing red for so long, it’s time for them see red!  It is your right to wear this shirt. It is your right to support your Union!  For more information about your right to wear your I WANT THE IAM shirt click HERE.  If your employer retaliates against you in any way, we WILL file charges!  You are not alone the 750,000 members of the IAM have your back!  As always, if you feel like your rights have been violated, or you would like to get your own I WANT THE IAM shirt, call Bill LePinske at 708-785-1291.

2 thoughts on “I WANT THE IAM!

  1. A big THANK YOU to the IAM for the shirts and to all the guys and gals that have been wearing the red! PetSmart is scared and it is showing in the meetings they have and the lies they tell. Everytime PetSmart has an anti-union meeting – NormaRae gets more friend requests and we get more authorization cards signed! Thank you to Mark Alfers and John Kerns for helping our cause. Would either of you like a red IAM shirt to wear?

  2. I find it hilarious that someone had VOTE NO! T shirts made up (which are 12 dollars btw…whos money hungry now?!)
    They should have had shirts printed up with a big,fat bare a** on them,with a tattoo on the cheek that reads corporate….and a nose going right up the crack!
    So everyone can see what anyone wearing one REALLY is.

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